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Elopement Wedding at Eilean Donan Castle

Elopement weddings at Eilean Donan Castle are such a romantic way to tie the know are Simon & Katharina came all the way from Germany to celebrate their union at this incredible location. We have been blessed with some stunning weather this year and their special day was no exception, the late afternoon sun beat down on them as they walked together over the bridge to stand on the terrace with views down Loch Alsh and Loch Duich as they said “I do.”

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After signing the register, cutting the cake and sipping some champagne we worked our way around the castle getting some stunning shots of the couple and their witnesses at this grand location.

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This adventurous couple wanted to make sure that they would have a way of letting all their friends and family know about their Scottish Highland Castle Elopement so we made sure to get a shot that summed all that up for an elopement announcement card to be sent out. It was a day to be remembered!


Applecross Wedding in the Winter

Applecross has just become home for JP & Kirsten so it only seemed fitting that they would have their wedding in the village where they would be starting their new life together. Their Applecross wedding was a bringing together of not just two lovely people but two opposite ends of the world. JP is from South Africa where they met while Kirsten was travelling there a few years ago and so there were many guests who made the incredible journey from there all the way to this tiny little fishing village on the edge of the world. With so many guests travelling from afar they decided that they would hire out Eagle Rock, a stunning home overlooking the water toward the Isles of Skye and Rassay.

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Amazingly the wild weather which had been whipping across the west highlands all month took a breather on this morning and they dawn broke a golden glow and crisp blue skies hailed a good start for this couple. Kirsten started her day off at Eagle Rock having hair and makeup done by Lynn Reilly  while JP ran back and forth between their new home and the Applecross Village Hall where he was putting the final touches to their theatrical inspired wedding. The venue was completely transformed by Limelight Events, they draped the whole hall in a pale fabric with fairy lights sparkling through it and created a sheltered entranceway to protect everyone from the weather outside.

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JP was stunned as Kirsten walked into the room wearing her grandmothers wedding dress, a stunning silky vintage piece with her hair done in an early Hollywood style. They had a beautiful ceremony with music, poetry, handfasting and signing of the register. After the ceremony we took the whole wedding party backup to Eagle Rock for the more formal shots while the guest enjoyed lovely canapés from Good Highland Food. The newlyweds then returned to enjoy a fabulous 3 course meal with all of their guests followed by speeches and a special birthday surprise for one of the guests. Their cake, which was lovingly made by a friend, had a well known Protea flower of South Africa as the crowing piece on top as did the flower arrangements and the bridal bouquet by Amanda Call.

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After the cutting of the cake and the first dance the night went on with everyone giving their best on the dance floor to The Shandoneers, a Glaswegian celeidh band and DJ Paddy Gordon. It was a joyous evening and an exciting start for this couple who are coming to the highlands to bring their youthful excitement to this magical place.

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Couples Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

We love doing photoshoots of couples in love, sometimes it’s new love and they are on a getaway in the highlands, sometimes it’s a engagement photo session to make a wedding announcement card from and other times it is a celebration of a wedding anniversary captured with the stunning backdrop of the Isle of Skye like our most recent couple.

Gregory and Victoria, who traveled all the way from the American midwest to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, were looking for highland photographers who could capture their loving connection while they shared this new experience together.  For their anniversary photoshoot they not only wanted a gorgeous location but something that symbolised the history of Scotland where Victoria’s family emigrated from long ago. We decided to take them to Castle Moil a coastal ruin on the eastern edge of the Isle of Skye.

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The elements are ever changing in the highlands and so when we are planning a photoshoot we always have backup locations incase of inclement weather. While we were at the castle a we saw a weather front moving in so we decided to take a break and have a coffee, it didn’t take long for the skies to start clearing to the east so we headed a short distance to the village of Plockton and headed out on foot to another location that we love.

We used the Applecross Mountains and Loch Kishorn as a backdrop to our second set of photos. There was a sprinkling of snow on the mountains and the waters were a deep blue and the last of the days sunlight lit up the trees. We had a wonderful time and Greg and Victoria got to see some spots of the beaten track. Here’s to another amazing 5 years!!!


Isle of Skye Wedding

Craig and Emma had a beautiful wedding this August in the peaceful little village of Dornie which overlooks Elien Donnan Castle. Father William McLean held the ceremony at the Dornie Catholic Church where friends and family from as far as South Africa and Singapore came to celebrate in their joyous marriage. The sun was shining on them as they came out to greet the guests before heading off to have a private photo session with us at two locations. They really enjoyed this moment away from the crowd before the rest of the celebrations commenced.

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The wedding reception was held at the Duisdale House Hotel on the Isle of Skye where everyone enjoyed fabulous food and drink with the most stunning views of Loch Hourn stretching out toward the hills. The speeches were held in the main reception room followed by highland dancing that kept the crowd enjoying themselves till late.

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Eilean Donan Castle Elopement Wedding

As highland wedding photographers we get to meet amazing couples who travel from distances far and wide to come to this stunning location for their elopement weddings. Anna & Colin drove all the way from South Wales to have their elopement wedding at Eilean Donan Castle not just because it is a iconic symbol of the highlands and the most photographed castle in the highlands but also because Anna is a huge fan of the film Highlander which was filmed at this location.

Anna & Colin decided to stay and the newly refurbished Eilean Donan Apartments, with views of Eilean Donan Castle from their window, so we met up with them the day before their elopement wedding to explore the local area and capture some romantic shots of them. As wedding photographers in the west highlands of Scotland we are never short of stunning locations for wedding portraits of the bride and groom. Anna, who is a dress designer, decided to wear a classic white gown for the location shots which really popped against the beautifully sunlight countryside. We were blessed with not only sunshine but also a light breeze as we explored the area around Loch Long stopping here and there to capture this romantic couple as they began a new chapter in their lives. Just before we finished the shoot we gave Colin and Anna a choice about going to one more location just beyond the village of Dornie, which is walking distance from where they are staying, to get a few shots from a wonderfully high viewpoint overlooking Loch Duich and they were happy to oblige. After a wonderful few hours of photographing the wedding couple we left them to relax for the rest of the evening before their wedding.

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The following day we joined them at the Eilean Donan Apartments where I stayed with Anna as she was getting ready and James headed of to get set up at Eilean Donna Castle where the wedding ceremony would be held. For the elopement wedding ceremony Anna had chosen to wear an exquisite period dress of her own design and creation which had a tartan pattern in greens and purples and featured handmade thistle corsage and embroidered words that are close to her heart. While Anna was having her makeup and hair done by Bee Bonnie Beauty I photographed the details of her fabulous dress, jewellery and flowers by Loch Duich Plants.

The elopement wedding began with Anna being lead by bagpipe from Dornie across the famous bridge to Eilean Donna Castle. Yesterday’s sunshine had been replaced by moody skies and a little rain sprinkled us as we walked over. The elopement ceremony was conducted by the celebrant Sonja Eckl-Riel and took place in the main hall which has a wonderful sense of grandeur and history. After exchanging loving words, handfasting, sharing from the homemade quaich cup, exchanging rings and kisses the couple were now newlywed and both grinning from ear to ear. While they signed the wedding register and sipped champagne we noticed that the rain had stopped so we all went outside to get a few more photographs around the castle while the weather favoured us. We had a great time with Anna & Colin and it was so beautiful to see this fairytale wedding unfold in such a stunning setting, we wish them the best on their new adventure.






Gordon & Rebecca’s Highland Wedding in Plockton

Plockton is a fantastic setting for a Highland wedding and Gordon and Rebecca were blessed with a gorgeous day for their celebrations.

Rebecca and her bride’s maids started their day sharing breakfast and laughs while having their makeup done by Lynn Reilly of Skye Beauty. Up the hill at Gordon’s family croft, were the reception would later be held, the boys were all donning heir traditional Scottish kilts. Before the car to the ceremony departed I made sure to take a few photos on Rebecca in her stunning dress, by Glasgow designer Flossy and Dossy, down by the water side under a cherry blossom tree.

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The ceremony took place in the Dornie Catholic Church which was packed to the rafters with friends and family. We all then headed back to Plockton where everyone met up at the Plockton Hotel for a few drinks and canapés before the procession up to the reception marquee. The newlyweds were piped up the road followed by all the smiling faces of their guests and although a few drops of rain did fall the sun never disappeared. After food, speeches and the cutting of the cake the crowd took to the dance floor and didn’t stop till the wee hours of the morning.

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Inverness Registration Office Wedding

We were at the Inverness Registry office yesterday afternoon for the wedding of Chris & Jill who wanted to have a small ceremony with their nearest and dearest.

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It was a wonderful ceremony and due to the icy winds outside we decided to make use of the front entrance for the family and group shots. Thankfully I had already checked and since it was the weekend and theirs was the last wedding of the day we could make use of this space. After the post wedding photo session the whole group headed of the Glenmoriston Hotel for a fabulous meal. Since this was an evening wedding we really wanted to get additional shots of the newlyweds by the riverside of Inverness with the evening lights glittering around them so we took a brief walk up the road to get the Ness Bridge in the background. It was all very exciting as it was bonfire night and the streets were full of people and passersby were giving the new couple many congratulations.



Wedding Locations Scotland

One of the amazing things about getting married in Scotland is that you can have your wedding ceremony wherever you want! The highlands provide lots of stunning locations that mean you can create a truly unique wedding event. At Krisp Camp Photography we are ready to go to any location with you to photograph your highland wedding whether it is a stunning beach, a famous castle, an enchanted woodland or a peak overlooking your favorite loch. One of our recent weddings was set in the picturesque village of Plockton, known as the jewel of the highlands. After an outdoor ceremony the newlyweds led a procession which journeyed to the classic highland sound of bagpipes through the village to the town hall where the reception was held. This provided for some unique photos of the wedding couple and their guests as they walked along the harbour street. After some cocktails and a brief rain shower I took the couple outside to get some wedding portraits of just the two of them, I wanted to capture the essence of this charming little village and create some memories. The bride just happens to be from the states and the groom is Scottish so I knew that getting a photograph of them with the iconic red phone-box would make a fun shot that the family back home would love. Thankfully with the right angle I also managed to get the crags which overlook Plockton into the shot too.


Bagpipes and a Plockton Wedding

Dol and Mal tied the knot on July 2nd 2016 with a beautiful loch side ceremony in a gorgeous garden in the little village of Plockton. In typical highland style the weather was ever changing that day but the skies cleared just in time for the ceremony and held out as the couple lead the procession of guests through the village while the groom’s brother played the bagpipes. It created a real sense of atmosphere and brought well wishers into the street.

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The procession culminated at the village hall where the celebrations began. Just as the crowd began tasting the selection of fabulous canapes and cocktails in the safety of the village hall the rains returned, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As the skies cleared again we grabbed the moment and got the shots of the newlyweds and family members in front of one of the most iconic views in Plockton with the famous crags in the background.

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The speeches were fantastic, there were many laughs and some tears too and many of the guests left wonderful video messages for the new couple to watch along with footage of the whole day from the ceremony to the procession, the speeches and the ceilede where the Scottish guests tried to teach the American guests how to strip the willow! The night finished off with some great tunes and some great moves on the dancefloor with new friendships formed the night played on into the wee hours.



Wedding photography

We can provide you with as much coverage as you require of your special day, from getting ready to walking down the aisle, the kiss, the family group shots, the detail, the guests, the speeches and the first dance. It is all about you! What is really special about choosing Krisp-Camp Photography is that you are getting two professional photographers who are also a married couple and know how important the big day is!


We can photograph the bride and groom separately whilst getting ready then during the event we will both be shooting and making sure we don’t miss a moment. Our style is natural and unobtrusive, allowing you to flow through you day without worry. Our ability to split up or be working together means we can get all the detail you wish for on your big day.

Please contact us for a free consultation on your wedding photography requirements.