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Applecross Wedding in the Winter

January 26th, 2018 Posted by Weddings No Comment yet

Applecross has just become home for JP & Kirsten so it only seemed fitting that they would have their wedding in the village where they would be starting their new life together. Their Applecross wedding was a bringing together of not just two lovely people but two opposite ends of the world. JP is from South Africa where they met while Kirsten was travelling there a few years ago and so there were many guests who made the incredible journey from there all the way to this tiny little fishing village on the edge of the world. With so many guests travelling from afar they decided that they would hire out Eagle Rock, a stunning home overlooking the water toward the Isles of Skye and Rassay.

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  • Applecross Wedding-34
  • Applecross Wedding-40
  • Applecross Wedding-43
  • Applecross Wedding-35
  • Applecross Wedding-36

Amazingly the wild weather which had been whipping across the west highlands all month took a breather on this morning and they dawn broke a golden glow and crisp blue skies hailed a good start for this couple. Kirsten started her day off at Eagle Rock having hair and makeup done by Lynn Reilly  while JP ran back and forth between their new home and the Applecross Village Hall where he was putting the final touches to their theatrical inspired wedding. The venue was completely transformed by Limelight Events, they draped the whole hall in a pale fabric with fairy lights sparkling through it and created a sheltered entranceway to protect everyone from the weather outside.

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JP was stunned as Kirsten walked into the room wearing her grandmothers wedding dress, a stunning silky vintage piece with her hair done in an early Hollywood style. They had a beautiful ceremony with music, poetry, handfasting and signing of the register. After the ceremony we took the whole wedding party backup to Eagle Rock for the more formal shots while the guest enjoyed lovely canapés from Good Highland Food. The newlyweds then returned to enjoy a fabulous 3 course meal with all of their guests followed by speeches and a special birthday surprise for one of the guests. Their cake, which was lovingly made by a friend, had a well known Protea flower of South Africa as the crowing piece on top as did the flower arrangements and the bridal bouquet by Amanda Call.

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After the cutting of the cake and the first dance the night went on with everyone giving their best on the dance floor to The Shandoneers, a Glaswegian celeidh band and DJ Paddy Gordon. It was a joyous evening and an exciting start for this couple who are coming to the highlands to bring their youthful excitement to this magical place.

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Isle of Skye Wedding

August 29th, 2017 Posted by Weddings No Comment yet

Craig and Emma had a beautiful wedding this August in the peaceful little village of Dornie which overlooks Elien Donnan Castle. Father William McLean held the ceremony at the Dornie Catholic Church where friends and family from as far as South Africa and Singapore came to celebrate in their joyous marriage. The sun was shining on them as they came out to greet the guests before heading off to have a private photo session with us at two locations. They really enjoyed this moment away from the crowd before the rest of the celebrations commenced.

  • Bride and Father entering the Dornie Catholic Church
    The Bride and her Father
  • Wedding Ceremony Dornie Catholic Church West Highlands of Scotland
    Wedding Ceremony
  • Dornie Catholic Church
    Walking up the isle
  • Wedding at Dornie Catholic Church, West Highlands of Scotland
    The Wedding Couple
  • The Newlyweds at Dornie Catholic Church West Highlands of Scotland
  • Sottish West Highland Wedding Dornie Catholic Church
    Confetti Moment

The wedding reception was held at the Duisdale House Hotel on the Isle of Skye where everyone enjoyed fabulous food and drink with the most stunning views of Loch Hourn stretching out toward the hills. The speeches were held in the main reception room followed by highland dancing that kept the crowd enjoying themselves till late.

  • Wedding couple portraits down by Loch Hourn on the Isle of Skye
    Just Married in the Highlands
  • Wedding rings of the newlyweds
    The Rings
  • Scottish Highland Wedding Couple portraits Isle of Skye
    The Newlyweds
  • Wedding celebrations Isle of Skye
    A happy day
  • Wedding reception Isle of Skye
    The groom's men
  • Wedding Cake Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    The Cake
  • Family Gathering for Highland Wedding
  • DSC_0008
  • Scottish Highland Wedding Eilean Donan Castle
    The Happy Couple
  • The newlyweds at Duisdale Hotel, Isle of Skye
    The Newlyweds at Duisdale Hotel
  • Wedding reception at Duidale Hotel Isle of Skye
    Groom and Father of the Bride
  • Wedding guests at reception Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    Wedding Guests
  • Wedding caleigh dancing at the Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    Grooms Man
  • Wedding caleigh dancing at the Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    Who's your partner now!
  • Wedding caleigh dancing at the Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    Friends and Family Dancing together
  • Wedding caleigh dancing at the Duisdale Hotel Isle of Skye
    The Excitement