Wedding Locations Scotland

One of the amazing things about getting married in Scotland is that you can have your wedding ceremony wherever you want! The highlands provide lots of stunning locations that mean you can create a truly unique wedding event. At Krisp Camp Photography we are ready to go to any location with you to photograph your highland wedding whether it is a stunning beach, a famous castle, an enchanted woodland or a peak overlooking your favorite loch. One of our recent weddings was set in the picturesque village of Plockton, known as the jewel of the highlands. After an outdoor ceremony the newlyweds led a procession which journeyed to the classic highland sound of bagpipes through the village to the town hall where the reception was held. This provided for some unique photos of the wedding couple and their guests as they walked along the harbour street. After some cocktails and a brief rain shower I took the couple outside to get some wedding portraits of just the two of them, I wanted to capture the essence of this charming little village and create some memories. The bride just happens to be from the states and the groom is Scottish so I knew that getting a photograph of them with the iconic red phone-box would make a fun shot that the family back home would love. Thankfully with the right angle I also managed to get the crags which overlook Plockton into the shot too.