Inverness Registration Office Wedding

We were at the Inverness Registry office yesterday afternoon for the wedding of Chris & Jill who wanted to have a small ceremony with their nearest and dearest.

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It was a wonderful ceremony and due to the icy winds outside we decided to make use of the front entrance for the family and group shots. Thankfully I had already checked and since it was the weekend and theirs was the last wedding of the day we could make use of this space. After the post wedding photo session the whole group headed of the Glenmoriston Hotel for a fabulous meal. Since this was an evening wedding we really wanted to get additional shots of the newlyweds by the riverside of Inverness with the evening lights glittering around them so we took a brief walk up the road to get the Ness Bridge in the background. It was all very exciting as it was bonfire night and the streets were full of people and passersby were giving the new couple many congratulations.