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Brave the Shave

Please come down to the Kyle Village Hall this Saturday the 30th between 7 and 9pm to watch Heather Proudlock BRAVE THE SHAVE in honour of her Dad, Brian Proudlock. He battled cancer four times before he passed away on 1st August 2017.

Her father’s life has inspired me to do Brave the Shave and try to raise funds for the charity.
There will be live Bongo playing a Raffle which has some amazing prizes including, Lunch for two at Kinloch Lodge, artwork by Jane McKenna and Vera Naessens, Harris Tweed handbag by Lou Lou Designs, a photoshoot with Krisp Camp Photography and many more. The official site for online donations is and search for Heather Proudlock to donate.

Hope to see you all there!

Nature Photography

The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

I love Scotland in all of it moods of weather but there is nothing like endless blue skies and 360 degree views when hiking some of the most famous spots on the Isle of Skye. I went with two visiting friends to hike the Quiraing on this gorgeous sunny day where we had just the right amount of breeze and the temperature was perfect. As you start from the parking lot you can head up to the highest point or straight ahead along a path which starts out fairly level which is what we decided to do. To the right there are steep drops from the very narrow path and you can see down to the road far below with tiny cars zooming along. Up ahead rock formations are jutting out of the lush green carpeted land which is dotted with grazing sheep. As we wind along the paths and take pause to look around my friend comments how the land looks like breaking waves rolling into the shore which we later researched the geology of to discover this has been caused by a series of landslips some of which are still active. After exploring the needle and posing for those all so necessary silly photographs for the friends and family back home we reached the top and stopped for lunch. Not often that you get lunch with such a stunning view! On the way back we held onto our hats,  looking back down on the walk we just did, as strong gust of wind blew from the sea and straight up the cliff face below. An excellent day out that I would recommend to anyone with a basic skill level in hiking, it took us a very leisurely 4.5 hours.