Events Photography

Somewhere at Greenman Festival

In the SOMEWHERE FEILD at Greenman Festival in Wales kids and parents alike found themselves transported to the land of madness with our best photobooth yet! We had a fantastic selection of hats, capes, crazy sleeves, sunglasses, ray guns and lobster hands. The Somewhere Field is for teenagers, which is an age group that is often left out in festival planning, but of course parents are welcome and I think secretly they love it too and are happy to tag along. What set this photobooth off was not just the awesome costume selection but our background which was created by painting with light. We created this set up by using our customised marquee and asked people to select their crazy costumes, enter the marquee and strike a pose.

With the combination of dressing up clothes and our photographic handy work we created a unique experience that had excited kids and inspired adults into finding their inner child. All of the pictures were free to download after the festival so that everyone could share the images with their friends and parents, this was a massive success and we are looking forward to sharing the experience at more festivals.