360 Photography/ Video


In October 2016 #hellodigital and Holor Media came together to offer a workshop on using 360 video to promote your business and the use of a 360 camera to shoot a project idea.

Our idea was inspired by my 93 year old grandmother who can no longer do the 2km garden walk that she has developed on her property in the last 30 years. We wanted her to be able to see all the different areas and how they were developing and changing with the seasons.

We believe that Virtual-Mobility can be used by a variety of people with different needs. It may be that someone is disabled and finds getting to a certain place a challenge or impossible or it could be that a client in a different country wants to see a location without having to board an airplane.

The footage we are creating can be show on any device and for the fully submersive experience it can be viewed in a headset. We have developed a technique that removes the camera from the centre of the frame and allows the viewer to be in solitude in an environment.

If you feel like this could be applicable to a project you are working on please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.